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Public Apology

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Life is happening so fast around all of us and there seems to be an influx of purpose driven people these days. I was chatting with a friend recently and she was sharing how interesting it is that people can go from being mean girls to being on the "Empowerment" train. This conversation among  other things made me think about myself and my journey. It made me think about my transformation and how far God has brought me. As I prepare for my first full day conference, that is happening in just a couple of weeks, I am compelled to apologize. God snatched me from a life full of pride in 2014 and I have not turned back. (2014 just happens to be the year that I turned 30 by the way) 

When we get a revelation or have an "aha" moment,  most of us go full steam ahead forgetting the old and embracing the new as much as we can. I mean isn't that what we're supposed to do?? Well, this conversation that I recently had made me think a little more. I began to think more about my behavior and how I treated some people prior to my desire to grow. There were moments that I acted superior to other women because I felt like I had better manners or whatever other random reason I had conjured up in my mind. During my short marriage, I would find myself in odd predicaments where I would be completely rude and bitchy towards other women. At the time I felt like disrespect warranted disrespect. *Sad face* 

To those women who remember that girl......this public apology is for you. To the women and people who I judged, wasn't the nicest to, and any other crappy situations my pride got me in to....this apology is for you. I recognize that most times the enemy's goal is to have us struggle in the very areas where we are supposed to thrive. The enemy's goal is to make everything I am doing completely invalid. BUT GOD, PEOPLE! GOD continues to show me myself and I am no longer trying to be right, my ultimate goal is to grow in Christ. I welcome correction and look forward to the moments that I can exercise the things that I am learning. I am very thankful when I encounter people who seem completely shocked that I was ever that girl. haha! Don't get me wrong, this sour behavior was not my norm but I had some horrible moments for sure!

I have apologized and acknowledged mistakes and etc with family and friends but what about those strangers....the same strangers that I now seek to share my journey with. Those are the people that this apology is for. For anyone out there who may be skeptical because of a sour encounter with me, this is for YOU. I get it and I apologize!

When you know better, you do better!

And for the women who have acted a complete fool out there. .You know the ones who have let pride, anger, jealousy, men, or other things take you completely out of character........I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST OR YOUR MISTAKES!!!! You can thrive in the areas where you once struggled. You can repent, apologize, accept a new identity in God and be GREAT!

Outfit details! I totally LOVED this look! I shopped my closet and pulled out some old faves....
Neon skirt from H&M circa 2015! 
Shirt-The Limited 
Socks - Zara 
Shoes  - Christian Louboutin

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