Powerful Connections!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

I am so excited for this blog post! 

Meet Toya, my blogger friend who owns The Fat Girl Of Fashion blog!     (Click here for her jumpsuit)
Toya and I met in the beginning of my blogging career and we hit it off instantly! Just like any career, the blogging world has tons of competition. From the moment Toya and I connected we held each other down from business deals to being each others photographer! It was bigger that competing, it has always been about connecting! 

I truly believe that we must not only network in this business, but making real connections is real and so necessary! This is exactly what Toya and I have done over time....CONNECT!!! Connecting with people beyond the surface leads to meaningful relationships and that is where the true value lies. 

Find a way to not only network, but connect deeper with someone today!!! It's not only refreshing but truly rewarding and for this connection, I am truly thankful! 

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