To blog or not to blog....

Thursday, April 02, 2015

I must admit starting a blog was not at the top of my list for 2015. I actually enjoyed the idea of sharing my bright ideas and cool finds with my family, friends, and even strangers via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A pretty cool DJ that I know encouraged me to do more with the randomness that has become Tot! As I prayed about the next phase in my life, I considered maybe writing a book, starting an event planning business, and even doing a calendar (don't ask) haha! None of these things were settling right with my spirit, so I just sat still and prayed about it.  A very close friend of mine suggested a Youtube series and I was totally intimidated by the thought of that! WOAH! So, what's the next best thing; you guessed it, a blog! 

Welcome to! is a Christian-based lifestyle and resource blog focused on living and loving life. Here you will find inspiration, fashion and Do-it-Yourself projects all wrapped up in one big Jesus hug! Be prepared to be moved by my genuineness, impressed by my resourcefulness, and inspired by my love for and faith in God; to whom I attribute as my ultimate resource. 

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