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Love is in the details!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

After watching Yandy's wedding on VH1 this past Monday I was put in a wedding mood! Last month, I posted a few details from my 2013 wedding here on the blog and received some amazing feedback from you guys. As I have stated before, I thoroughly enjoyed planning every aspect of  our wedding and every picture brings back wonderful memories. If you caught the VH1 special of Yandy and Mendeeces' wedding you noticed that he "freestyled" his vows and she wrote hers down. I immediately noticed this detail because it reminded me much of my wedding where my husband just spoke from the heart which I admit had me pretty nervous, but all went very well. I wrote mine down and this brings me to these pics and this post about the importance of the details...... If you are going to write your vows down why not have them written on a nice card with your wedding monogram or wedding logo on the back. I did not want to pull out a wrinkled piece of paper for all of my guests to see and the photographer to capture during such a special moment. I decided to share a few pictures from the my husband and I saying our vows and you will see that I had mine on card stock paper with our wedding monogram on the outside. It was a nice little touch to such a special moment. 

Excuse the face but I was super serious about this part!

Reading my vows

We were so insync during this part and could not help but to laugh at each other, like real genuine laughter. 

My husband saying his vows and I was very nervous because they were not written down but he melted my heart. 

A little side eye never hurt! 

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