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#SundaysWithTot - 1.25.16 - DEAL ALERT!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can you believe that it is almost February 2016??!!  This year is already shaping up to be quite amazing and I am so thankful to God for HIS many blessings. The holidays were a little rough for me but I kept pushing through and trusting God. I feel more like myself and I can feel the joy of the Lord all over me. I am most certainly thankful for a TRUE peace that surpasses all understanding, including my own.

Now, let's talk about this lovely dress. I have had this dress since October and just could not wait to wear it. I was trying to wait until the Spring/Summer to rock it but I just could not resist. The colors and the design are just sooooo cute to me.


It's easy to see that I love my skater dresses!! I love this shape of dress and this one is super chill and very light weight. I could not get a good twirl in it because my shoes were just too uncomfortable. UGH! lol!

But, I can always strut!!!!

Trying to give a little power pose in my power dress. Although a lot of my dresses are super simple. I believe that your posture in them is EVERYTHING! Actually, with everything you wear you must wear the item and not let it wear you. Nothing is "simple" when you are standing up right and feeling super confident.

I really wanted to capture the colors and the details of the dress at night.

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I saved this shoe for last,, this painful shoe is Giuseppe Zanotti and I loved the color of it so much that I had to have it. Its so darling but I will probably be selling it on one of my favorite Consignment sites soon.  I am just over the painful shoes. I love my heels but not the pain and I have been really blessed to find so many great shoes minus the pain. haha! I'm so serious.

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