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Special Edition of #SundaysWithTot - My 1st Style Consulting Clients

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Today's edition of #SundaysWithTot is super special to me!
This super cute family is my first styling clients.

I was tasked with dressing this family for pictures for Father's Day. This "Bonus Mom" wanted amazing photos for her future husband and instead of just including herself, she brought along his beautiful 4 daughters.

I was tasked with dressing all 5 of these beauties from head to toe!  

Dressing 5 people can be a little intimidating, but I figured let's start with some classics. You can never go wrong starting with classics like Converse All-Stars & denim. 

Denim is truly timeless and can easily be paired with anything! 

Converse is another timeless piece that can work for almost any age and almost any outfit. As you can see below, it wasn't just any ol' Converse, we picked an all white leather low-top Converse for the occasion.  

I wanted them to be able to look back and love their pictures 10 years from now. 

Now, let's get to the individual details.....

starting with the youngest of the bunch!

This little lady is 10 years old and popping with personality! I found her super cute dress at Macy's and it is made by Guess for Kids. I loved the layers and wanted her to feel good in her dress. The bow-tie is actually one of my headbands that I wanted to use as a tie. It was perfect!!!!

Up next, is this 14 yr. old cutie! Her personality was super chill and very feminine. 
I was so in love with her skirt that I had to get myself one. lol! (see post here) I originally wanted her to wear a vest but couldn't find the perfect vest for her. So, I opted for this sleeveless denim shirt. Easy and effortless is what we were aiming for here. The link to her skirt can be found here!

Next up, we have this sassyyyy 18 yr. old! She came ready to werk it and her energy was simply amazing the entire shoot.
Her peplum shirt is from Eloquii and can be found here. I actually found her skirt on Overstock.com for $25! I added a pop of red with one of my favorite belts and the pearl cluster necklace for a bit of class. lol! Now, one regret I have is the fit of her shirt. Here's a little secret: I did not meet any of these ladies until after their first fitting. I started out with their sizes and ages. I'll give the full story of how I ended up working with this family shortly. 

Lastly, we have this amazing 21 yr. old popping in this polkadot maxi skirt! 
Can you believe this skirt is $20?!
Yes, $20! This skirt is from a store in Chicago called Bolton's. Unfortunately, they are not available on line but here is a similar version. Click Here for similar polka dot maxi skirt.

Now, for the grand finale....

Mama Bear herself! One of the best "Bonus Moms" that I have ever met!!

Before, I get to her outfit details I have to share the back story.....

Vanessa reached out to me with an awesome idea that she had for her future husband. She wanted to gather his children for an amazing photoshoot and she needed my help styling them for this shoot. Time was limited so I was only able to gather their ages and sizes before shopping. I sent her the below photos with the prices attached to get her approval......and she approved!!! 

As, my first client I wanted everything to be as seamless as possible. I even sent her over a personality quiz for the girls so I could get an idea of what they liked and what they disliked. 

Now, her fabulous sequins polka-dot dress is from Eloquii! This dress is usually $169, but was on sale for $79! I wanted to consider her wallet while not sacrificing her fancy. 

Here are a few more pics.....

The 4 sisters feeling and looking good! 

I love this pic of them on my rooftoop! You can see the details in each outfit so well. 

Vanessa with the 2 youngest :)

Vanessa with the 2 oldest :)

This is one of my favorite and final pics of the day Mama Bear in all polka-dot and baby girl in all denim.  

Of course, I snuck a selfie or 2 in! Did I mention that I had the honor of being their photographer also?! We used my Samsung NX3000 for the pics and they turned out great!

I asked Vanessa for a review to add to my blog and you can see what she said below which completely blew me away. I asked to tell me what she liked, disliked, what she would change and etc and this is what she sent me:

"Have you ever secretly admired someone without their knowledge? Of course you have; who doesn't? Often times we just don't have enough time to let people know how great they are or how much we appreciate their contribution to the universe. With that being said... its getting close to Fathers Day and I was all over the place trying to figure out how I could surprise my future husband.  All I could think of was hiring someone to style us for a photo shoot and I remembered a post/screenshot I had seen online and began to scrolling looking for the information.  TADA! There it was Totally You by totallytot, some one I secretly admired is now offering styling techniques and so on.  I emailed with the words "Help" in subject line also sharing how much I enjoy her style and my plans, needless to say Tot was amazing from beginning to end.  She opened her doors for my family and allowed us to play dress up while preparing for our event. TOT is Everything! I mean she even filled in for the photographer.  I love how energetic and patient she was with my family! No complaints here.  Keep letting GOD use you! I will definitely be in contact in the future." -Vanessa

Admired?! Who me?! Nothing BUT GOD! I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity which I know was ALL GOD! 

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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