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Let's Talk Insecurities

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wearing these shorts is so major for me. Before being "curvy" was popular or even cool I had these curves and these thighs. For this post I decided to slay my insecurities and let my thighs out for some fun. 
 I have always had major anxiety about wearing shorts publicly....I mean the jiggle, the cellulite, and etc!I typically would wear shorts with tights only. I mean it was trendy and cute, but honestly it just felt very safe and comfortable. I rocked 3 different jackets, giving the shorts a new look with each jacket. (Shorts are from Forever 21)

Look 1

 I wore my favorite blazer from Zuvaa! 

 I've worn the blazer a couple of times here on the blog. It has a zipper making a crop jacket which is super cute. 

The blazer dressed up the denim a bit.

Look 2

Look 2 was my favorite look and felt the most fearless. lol! 

I rocked the denim shorts with my favorite crop denim jacket and a higher heel. 

This look felt sexier with the higher heel and the gold chains. 

I think look 2 is perfect for hanging out with friends on those fun summer nights. 

Look 3

See look at this here!!! Thick thighs eat up the shorts. In the middle of taking pics, I had to make sure the shorts were straight. 

Now, I am ready for my closeup! For look 3 I had some fun with this one. I rocked my patent leather Timberlands with a floral kimono from Target! (Yessss, Target!) 

Plus size Hippie
I was giving off hippie vibes here. haha! This look felt the safest. The Kimono is longer, giving me the ability to tuck those thighs if I chose to. I enjoyed the versatility of this look. 

Now, let's really talk insecurities!

We all have them. Everyone walking this earth has something they don't feel the best about. I realize that most insecurities stem from fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not living up to your own standards or even society's standards. Fear of being talked about. Fear of not being perfect. It's ALL based out of fear! 

As I wore these shorts, I had to face some fears I didn't even realize I had. Growing up, I was taught to be "appropriate" and "tasteful"when getting dressed. Wearing these shorts, showing all of my cellulite was totally against what I had been taught. I decided to embrace what God has given me and release the fear and rock out! Fear is from the enemy. It's a trick the devil likes to use to make us question ourselves and it keeps us from walking in our full purpose. 

Say NO to your insecurities TODAY!!

Say YES to FAITH! Yes to GOD! Yes to HIS Will! 

We must learn to not only embrace but celebrate what God has given us!  

To embrace is to accept or support something but to celebrate is to honor or to do something special or enjoyable. 

SO, I encourage you to celebrate your differences today! Celebrate what makes you who you are. Recognize that God made no mistakes when he made you! 

Peace & Love

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  1. Seriously U have no need to fear anything. Those thighs tho- DAYUM lady y u been hidin those gorgeous things??!! in my opinion I think the shoes in look 1 are the sexiest, I like the jacket in 2 the best and the top looks beautiful on u. ;) but u look amazing in all an I really like ur short hair I think it really suits u. also if we r talkin insecurities then *ahem* how about a pic showin how good those shorts look from the back? ;) ;) x x x

    1. Well thank you so much for your feedback! I can appreciate your attention to detail.