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Hello Fummer!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sundays with Tot is back and popping! Can you believe that it is fall?? Seriously, where did summer go????? (Insert crying emoji)

I am thankful that the sun is still shining bright and so am I! I have been working closely with a super awesome online boutique called Curvy Girls 01!

I am starting to work a little more closely with brands and businesses and I couldn’t be more excited! This dress from Curvy Girls 01 is such a classic piece. C’mon, it’s a wrap dress and you can’t get any more classic than that. 

I decided to do a few looks with this wrap dress since we are right in the middle of Fummer (Summer/Fall).

Transitions can be  a little difficult period, but that topic is a blog post all by itself. Anywho, back to this awesome dress from Curvy Girl 01 boutique!

This is the perfect example of how to go from summer to fall in such an effortless way. Layers are your friend! Colors are your friend! Don't be afraid to rock peach in the fall. Go for it and be fearless doing it. 

Happy Fummer :)

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