The Level Up.....

Monday, October 03, 2016

When is the last time you did something for the first time?? No, really! When is the last time you did something for the first time?? 

One of the most interesting and somewhat scary things about blogging is that you can literally feel the tug to level up! 

I can feel the pressure and the need to step out into the unknown more and do more. The one thing that I am learning is that no matter what you do you must always LEVEL UP!

Dress from Curvy Girl Style (Click here for a full post on this dress)
As I venture out a bit, I am so excited to announce that I am working with more brands and boutiques. WO! It's exciting and scary to provide sponsored content to you all. I know this is every blogger's dream, but it can be a bit intimidating. When you do something for the first time it's always a little nerve wrecking. But, I trust God and the level up is real so I am all in!

2 piece short set from Curvy Girl Style (I may revamp this look for the fall) 
As much as I am  looking forward to sharing my collaborations with you, I am really looking forward to sharing my honest opinions here on the blog. One of my goals is to really tap into the curvy girl shopping experience. It's hard enough to find the perfect this and the perfect that for girls with a little extra, so my goal is to make that process a lot easier. 

Dress from Curvy Girl Style & jewelry from Haute Chic Vogue
Full blog post on this dress here
I want to reassure my readers that I will always share how I truly feel when it comes to my clothes. As I move forward in this space, you do not have to worry about me recommending something that I don't love.

1 piece from Curvy Girl Style & belt from The Limited

  The boutiques featured in this post are Curvy Girl Style Haute Chic Vogue for the jewelry & LuluaRoe. 

Bodysuit worn as a shirt provided by Curvy Girl Style and beautiful skirt from Lularoe
Jewelry from Haute Chic Vogue
I realize that I could have just shared these outfits and provided the links but what fun is that?? I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to not be afraid to evolve and level up! 

I wanted to share my journey with you.  No matter how effortless it looks the doubt and fear still tries to creep in. BUT GOD! I am committed to entering into this new season with nothing but faith and prayer. 

May your 4th quarter be full of blessings and new beginnings. 

Take a moment this week and do something for the first time. 

Peace & Love 

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