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If it's nice, wear it twice!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

If you know me you know that I think fashion is fun! I am not one of those girls that is hanging on the edge of my seat for the latest arrivals and etc. Fashion is not life for me. I am not in love with fashion. Period. I think it’s cool, ya know!? Fun! Expressive! Yours to own!

This past Sunday I rocked a plaid shirt that has been sitting in my closet for a while. I wore the shirt about a year and a half ago and had not worn it since. The first time I wore it, I tied it in a knot for a fun casual look. I was celebrating Christmas so the knee high socks were a must. lol! Fast forward to March 2017 and I received the cutest pants from Gwynnie Bee and this shirt seemed to pair perfectly with them. The shirt was purchased from the Gap 2 years ago.

I am a huge fan of shopping your closet. (I even offer style consulting services to help you see your clothes in a new way!) I am a firm believe that if it’s nice, wear it twice!!! Style your clothes for the occasion and don’t be afraid of trying new looks with the same pieces. This denim skirt was a favorite of mine! I took it to my local cleaners and had the split added for $8 to give it a new look! Hello legs! Skirt details here!

This dress I LOVE!!! I have blogged this outfit before! Be creative with your closet! Have fun with your clothes. I am a firm believer that every item in your closet has multiple ways that it can be worn! Go for it!! Original post here with details on outfit!

 Lastly, this dress, I have also shared on the blog! The 1st look was worn to church with a classic triple strand pearls. The 2nd look I turned the dress backward, with the zipper facing the front for a bit of a sexier look! BTW: Most dresses with pockets can be worn backward seamlessly! Dress details here!

How many of you have something in your closet that you can pull out and wear and give it a new twist!?! Shop your closet and if it's nice, WEAR IT TWICE!!

I like to call this, being fearless in fashion!!! 

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