Grow Through It!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I have talked about imperfect progress, being transparent while being transformed, my fear of public speaking,  and many other areas that God is working out in me here on the blog. I enjoy sharing my stories of triumph and depression because it is ALL REAL LIFE. 

See, here’s the thing: I am under construction and I am okay.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:2–4)

 Every person walking this earth has faced a low or a challenging moment and it’s time out for people faking like they don’t. The more that I speak about my Christian life and my journey with Jesus, the more that I am faced with the challenge to live the very things that I believe. 

As a Christian woman, my YES to GOD, means that I made a commitment to being pruned and purified constantly. This process is so difficult, that at times, I just want to give up and sometimes I do, but God’s grace swoops me up and gives me strength to keep on going. I have come to the point where I realize that I am nothing apart from Christ. God is transforming and renewing my mind so much that I have learned to celebrate letting go and shifting to new levels...even when it does not feel good. I still believe in miracles! I still believe in God being able to change people who seek HIM. I still believe that seeking GOD first renders AMAZING results!

I have come to grips with saying "PEACE OUT" to my former mind! The word of God says that those who hunger and thirst for righteous shall be filled! I still believe in the power of GOD for real and HIS ability to fill me up like nothing else can. As I evolve and grow my relationships have changed tremendously. My desires have changed tremendously. (And to think this is only the beginning) I used to love love loveeee a good party, the nightclub was my bff! But, somehow the desire to be tunrt in a party shifted almost without me even knowing. Lol! I was never a real drinker, I just loved the nightclub scene and good hip hop. But, a shift happened so fast!

I believe one of the reasons that God stripped my desire to party was to help me see the things that I was truly battling with. Things like pride, unforgiveness, and control.  I can honestly say this was not something I prayed about, I just looked up one day and the desire was gone!  I am sure I will go to a party again at some point but I believe that this last year I was being pruned from things I used to enjoy and places I once loved. Most times we can feel God setting us apart and sometimes it is for a season and sometimes it is permanent. I have stopped trying to figure it out, I just try to follow the voice of God as much as I can. God was changing me faster than I even realized. I had no time to warn my friends and at moments I still don’t recognize the new me. But one thing that I can tell you is that I am under construction and I am okay with that......I am determined to GROW THROUGH IT ALL!!! Let the level up continue........

I wanted to write this post to encourage people out there to GROW THROUGH IT! The "it" is whatever you are going through right now. Sometimes we are so busy trying to understand the details, that we miss major opportunities to grow and evolve right where we are. Growing through it doesn't mean that you have all of the answers, or that you will ever have them all! It simply means that you have a relentless desire to grow beyond where you are. If we want new results, we have to do NEW things! We have to surrender to GOD on a whole new level to experience the fruits of faith!

 I have learned to ask God in my prayers, "Lord, what are you teaching me here?" I no longer fight, I just ask God to give me keen discernment and lead my every step. I didn't try to figure out why I stopped clubbing! I just accepted my season and prayed for clarity and understanding to catch the lessons and experience the level up! I don't want to be so busy fighting God that I miss the opportunity to GROW! Sooooooo, whatever you are facing in life, please DO NOT miss the lesson and the opportunity to GROW! Don't miss GOD! Tune into HIS WORD! STUDY HIS WORD. PRAY MORE. SEEK WISE COUNSEL! 

Growth Tip: Growing is always uncomfortable!  When in a place of growth seek God more than ever before. When growing our souls are wide open and we become vulnerable to foolishness and lies! Lies like "girl everybody can't go where you are going in life"... when the TRUTH may be you are full of pride and lack compassion and God wants to heal you! EEK! See, how easy these types of sayings spread so swiftly?  I encourage to seek truth by studying the BIBLE and attending church regularly. It really helps!!

Last week I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at a brunch and it was so amazing! 

Here's a few pics featuring some amazing ladies! 

Pic above is with the founder of She Who Wins Inc, and the host of the brunch!

Above pic is with the amazing relationship expert, Love McPherson who was the keynote speaker

I had the pleasure of speaking on the panel with these amazing ladies!! Jai and Adarah  were the bomb!! (Click their names to check out their sites!)

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