Keep fighting!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2018

I recently shared with a close friend how tired I was. Tired of fighting my deepest darkest demons. I just decided to give in and even made some major mistakes this summer. I felt like I couldn’t get over certain bumps that required major discipline, focus, and quite frankly me to fight for my life!

Once upon a time, I was in love with the journey to a better me, that was until the journey began to feel like torture. As a Christian, it’s easy to unconsciously give God a time frame. Like, "okay God you have about 9 months of my obedience then I’m going rogue!" Shaking my head at myself! What’s wrong with me??? The funny thing about the struggle is it’s no secret! Everyone can tell but the enemy makes you believe you have things under control. The devil is a liar!!!!!!! Fight for your life!!!!!!! 

Effective immediately, I’ll be increasing my study time. I have slacked greatly in my personal devotion and study time. I can feel every part of me weakening to the things I struggle with. My weapons have been tucked away......but not anymore!!!!! I’m back in the fight! It’s time to fight for my life!!! I wanted to make this a blog post versus a personal journal entry because you too may need to fight for your life!!!!!! Turn up the fight in the spirit! The enemy comes to KILL you, Steal your destiny and destroy every part of you! Fight!!!!!!!!! I’ve been running on fumes while aiming for “self-care” missing the most vital part of taking care of my self.....JESUS!

I realize that every new level in life is going to require GREATER discipline and greater focus. I know that I can do neither in my own strength so I am trusting God to give me the tools for the fight! 

I am back in the FIGHT!!!!

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