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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

One of my goals this year is to create more products to support people and their goals. I am excited to stretch myself to provide innovative solutions  for everyday women. As many know I provide my 1x1 services to women in need of a stylist or style consultant. I also facilitate style workshops and I truly enjoy teaching style!! I love watching eyes light up as people learn about their personal style and themselves. 

I had an idea for a style membership program. I wanted a private group where ladies could have a safe place to discuss their personal style. I wanted a place where women could drop those outfit pics and get a professional opinion. I wanted a place where women could learn how to be proactive with their style, attend weekly style classes, and so much more for a monthly fee. I wanted women to walk away with a strong sense of their personal style and how it relates to their lives. 

I prayed about it and just wasn't sure if this project could be done by myself. God sent HELP!!!! 

After having a lunch date with a friend we touched on ways we could collaborate being women who were style professionals as well as women who are Christians. I told her about my idea for a style mentorship program and she was intrigued. The more I talked the more she added in ideas! Before I knew it we had a full 8-week program designed for women who desired to level up in style and confidence! WOWOWOW!!!!

After hosting a Facebook Live with my new partner Porchea-Miranda the program is ready to roll out!!
 Meet my partner for the Style Mentorship program Porchea!

This program is a robust 8-week program designed to help you shift your style. The investment is $49/month or a one time fee of $85! This investment gets you everything you see below plus discounts on my 1x1 style consultant services. 

You can sign up today at!

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