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Becoming The Woman of God's Dreams - Meet Artyssa!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Can you believe that we are at the end of March? HOW?!?! 

Well, I have 2 more features for Women's History month! I am still focused on celebrating young women who are inspirational and simply amazing! 

Today's feature is the amazing Artyssa!!! This young lady is FIRE! She's a creative mastermind who I just love. Of course, as I do all of my guests, I asked Artyssa to share some of her journey and whatever she chooses. 

Well........ she did not disappoint!

Becoming The Woman of God's Dreams

Hey ya’ll! My name is Artyssa Mornay and I am 24 years old. I grew up in both Georgia and Florida, where my family currently resides in the city of Gainesville (Go Gators!). 4 years ago I moved to Chicago (where I currently live) to attend Columbia College to study music and education. Little did I know God was way more intentional about bringing me to this city than I originally thought. Since moving here my life has been forever changed, especially due to my attendance at the church All Nations Worship Assembly. I am currently an educator, an ordained Evangelist, content creator, and a makeup artist. But in the next 5 years I see myself being a full-time entrepreneur and doing makeup for major films and media; possibly living/working between Chicago and Los Angeles and spreading the good news of the love, salvation, and power of Christ around the world. 

It took me a while to realize that I am enough. It took me awhile to realize that I didn’t have to be everything God called me to be all at once, but that a walk with God is just that, a walk. It’s a journey of discovery, of ups and downs, of lessons and experiences that will someday, somehow mold me into what He originally intended. After years of striving and toiling with my identity. I suddenly found myself wondering “what if the only one who feels like I’m not enough is me?” “What if the areas in my life that are broken are here in this season for a reason... for the glory that has YET to be revealed?” I finally found rest in the revelation that I am everything God wants me to be right now in this season, and that I have grace to continually be renewed and grow into myself. In a process called becoming. You know like the Michelle Obama book that’s on all of our reading lists but if you are anything like me, you are still “planning to get to it”? Yeah procrastination is definitely a weakness of mine... 

Which brings me to my first point: Becoming the woman of God’s dreams means glorying in your weaknesses because you know that His strength is made perfect there! Procrastination did not irritate me as much as me knowing that I procrastinated used to irritate me. You see how that works? It’s not the actual struggle, but the fact that I struggled that made me hold myself in contempt. But when I realized that my weaknesses were not my shame but a place for God’s glory to be revealed I was able to have a lot more grace for my weaknesses and guess what? I get a lot more accomplished because of that! And that's what becoming the woman of God’s dreams is all about. It’s about accepting yourself for everything you are and allowing Him the time and the access to make you into everything you are going to be. 

Which brings me to my second point:
Ooo you have to say this one out loud with me! “Becoming the woman of God’s dreams means knowing that YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE!!!!!!"  (Ok, now repeat it until you believe it!) I rejoice in the fact that I don’t have to impress God! The pressure to be impressive is a universal crisis right now. Social media, the workplace, even church - it’s like people constantly feel the need to prove themselves. But there is something about being so secure in what God has placed inside of you, that you won’t hinder Him in moments He wants to use you due to your own pressure to perform. This security is only formed in the secret place and trust me we are all still getting there.

And lastly becoming the woman of God’s dreams means not compromising, settling or accepting anything less than His will for your life. Listen I know it’s hard! I mean even the devil tempted Jesus with some pretty enticing things. But the key is contentment. And the key to contentment is knowing what your prize truly is. And that is Jesus Christ! Jesus has to be enough, our love for him has to be what motivates us in everything we do and everything we want to be. Otherwise our desires and motives would be coming from an ill place. The Bible tells us that the heart is wicked and deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9) but it also tell us that if we delight in the Lord that He will GIVE us the desires of our hearts (Proverbs 37:4). I truly believe that when our hearts are delighted in Christ, He literally places desires in us that are aligned with His will. And once you get a taste of that, you won’t want to settle for anything lesser! Not a lesser lover, a lesser job, nor a lesser healing. And most importantly not settling for a lesser you! 

You can keep up with me via 
Instagram at @artyssamornay 
MUA page: @MSWCosmetology  YouTube: Artyssa Mornay and my blog artyssamornay.tumblr.com 

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