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Forever FAITHFUL!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Monday!

Take a moment and just listen to the words! This album Fidelity by Desmond Pringle is truly amazing! During a very difficult time in my life he sent this album to me and a year later it still gets me straight!!! I have so many favorite songs on here! It's seriously nothing but THE WORD of God on this album; no smoke and mirrors! I love an album that encourages and teaches at the same time. The album title in itself, "Fidelity" is incredible! How often do we forget that God is forever FAITHFUL, steadfast and STABLE with no inconsistencies!!!

*Praise Break*

Another favorite! Unmerited Favor = GRACE!

*Praise Break*

This is the single from the album, "Can't Even Imagine"
Some call him the gospel Luther and in this song you can really hear those Luther runs!. But once again, I am so blessed by the words! Can you imagine your life without Christ???

To download the full album and hear more songs click the link below

To learn more about Desmond Pringle check out his website www.desmondpringle.com

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