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All Gold Everything!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Just call me the girl in the gold shoe! lol! While preparing photos for this blog, I started to realize that I have a love for a gold shoe! Most people prefer to save their gold shoes for the formal events, but I think they can be worn with everything! Great shoes don't stop at a heel, you'll see below that I have a golden smoking slipper and a blinged out golden sneaker that I love too!

*Warning* You may need some shades to view these bright beauties!!
Louboutin Pigalle & Valentino Smoking Slipper
Prada Sneaker

Prada Sneaker paired with fishnet stockings
Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Pensee

My attempt to get a cute picture of all the shoes together! (Well Worn as you can see)
Who wants their feet to constantly feel like this??? It's imperative to have great flats and sneakers too! 
Church bound in a BCBG jegging paired with my Valentino Smoking Slipper. 

All Gold Everything! We often hear about a "pop of color" why not go colorful with a "pop of gold!"
At my friends 30th birthday celebration! This red fox was perfect for the occasion dressed down with a tuxedo striped disco pant and the wide Fendi belt, and of course the Louboutin Pigalle. 

All white party with family! You'll notice I love a good skater dress! 
At a tea party darling!!! Paired this classic Calvin Klein dress with a jet black fishnet and the 20th Anniversary Louboutin.

Blurry but you get the picture :) Comfy at a concert!

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