Another Money Making App!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Here's another money making app that I love! I hope you all are downloading your receipts with Receipt Hog and earning cash! One of the other apps that I love and can not wait to share is called Ibotta!  You can make cold heart  cash on specific items that most of us buy quite often with this app.The items change on a weekly basis and vary by store. I have purchased items using coupons and then scanned them with Ibotta sometimes making the item free! Ibotta does require that you scan the item AND the receipt, but don't be alarmed it's all very quick and most of us are on Facebook or Instagram anyways! 

Download Ibotta using the Link below and don't forget to use my code 6jyaw

Better than Coupons

Earn cash back on everyday purchases.
Once you reach a total of $10 you can cash out and choose to have the money deposited in your Paypal account and there are also some gift card options!! 

If you are a busy parent or just don't have the time, I suggest downloading these apps to your kids phones. I think it's a great way to teach children to save money and it's also an awesome way for them to earn their own money!

PEOPLE! Don't sleep on these apps! It's like throwing away money! :)

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