Lyte As A Rock!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

This past weekend I was invited to attend an album listening party for MC Lyte's new album Legend! This was my first opportunity to be presented as "press" for the blog and I have to admit that I was extremely nervous. Prior to coming to the event we were asked to send 2 questions that we wanted to ask MC Lyte and uh yeah.....I had no clue what I wanted to ask this legend. After watching a few of her past interviews, I was prepared! Nervous but prepared.

Watch the video below for her answers. It's a little loud as we were in a party but hopefully you all can make out what she is saying.

Question 1: What advice would MC Lyte now give to the 21-22 yr. old MC Lyte?

Question 2: What would you say has kept you in a great mental space over the years? (I was hoping she would say GOD!!!)

She didn't look a day over 21!! WOW!!!
She had to  do a little old school!!!

I had to sneak a selfie in!

I left this listening party on a cloud! I was so inspired and encouraged to keep going. MC Lyte's new album was a little of the old mixed with a little of the new. She explained that at one point her team wanted to do 2 discs and split the old and new, but t, I think it was genius to put it all on one album. This was a refreshing body of work from a woman who still has the signature sound but laced with nothing but wisdom. I was honored to be in her presence!

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