Receipts + Smart Phone = $$$

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

What are you really doing with that "Smart Phone" of yours? 

Well, in my quest to share some tips from my secret world of couponing, I'll be sharing some of my favorite money savings apps for your smart phones that are definitely worth the download.

Click here to download this app and start earning from your receipts today! 

Receipt Hog is an awesome app that I use to make money from my receipts. If you are looking for a quick come up or some type of get rich quick scheme this is not that! It's simply a great way to earn some extra coins from your everyday purchases. I'm pretty sure that most of you all are tossing your receipts after unpacking your groceries and calling it a day. I'm here to tell you, when you toss that receipt you are tossing money in the trash. If you have a preteen or a teenager with a smart phone, I think this app should be on their phone for sure! Okay, enough with the small talk here's how it works:


Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.   Snap Receipts

Shop anywhere. Buy anything. Then just snap your receipt!

2.   Earn Coins

Earn coins for submitting receipts, surveys & more

3.   Redeem For $

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I mean who doesn't want to get rewarded for shopping. I just downloaded the app. Your blog is awesome Tatiana, I'm so happy and proud of you :-)

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I am so happy you are enjoying the blog :) Nothing like getting some money back, right?!?! I appreciate your support!

  2. I use IBotta, but forget sometimes.

  3. I use IBotta, but forget sometimes.

  4. Yes!!! Thanks for the tip cause as an upcoming bride thats is in school full time I need to save every penny

  5. Yes this is a great app. Actually my 13 year old daughter is the one who has it on her phone. But she uses my receipts, so I guess she's making money off of me.

  6. I am racking up points with this LITTLE HOG!!