We are in this TOGETHER!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Well hello 2020! 

It was only right that I did a blog post with all that is going on in the world. The global pandemic is truly a global shift for everyone. One term that I am loving during all of this is "We are in this together" There is so much commentary regarding this global shift and this health crisis. It can be overwhelming to take it all in, BUT....... I do find comfort that unlike other struggles I've had in my life, this one is different because we are all in this together.  That's exactly what this post is about....WE. US. OUR. 

God is doing many things with this global shift but one thing that I am seeing greatly is UNITY! 

God is bringing HIS people together to seek Him and Hear Him together.

Key word: TOGETHER!!

Don't shy away from your human moments, because unlike any other time in our lifetime everyone feels the effects of this, somehow, some way. Have your moment, but remember to not stay there. I believe that God is speaking something very specific to each and every one of us and there is a global message. Lean IN to him. I went to pay my phone bill and was immediately struck by the CEO of ATT's message:

"I don’t think any of us have ever experienced a situation quite like this one. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected virtually every American, upended the engines of commerce, closed schools and some businesses, and disrupted the rhythms of our daily lives."

Everyone, everywhere is somehow affected. This message resonated with me, because it reminded me that we are truly all in this together. 

It's so beautiful that we can be transparent and vulnerable during this time. Transparency does not equal defeated. In fact, I am hopeful, prayerful and even excited for what God is doing, but I won't act as if I didn't feel the punches to my business. I feel it, but I won't quit or stop trusting God.

My prayer for you is that despite what you feel, we trust God. Embrace your humanness without neglecting God's goodness. That's it!

Embrace your humanness without neglecting God's goodness.

Now, here's for something random and different from me:

Even though I have kept my content on my social media updated with current looks, my attire during this quarantine has been comfy and cozy! There's my snuggie, my laptop, and comfy socks. Click here for similar socks!

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