Open Mic Monday - What would you tell your younger self?

Monday, May 04, 2015

For this post, I decided to dig in the crates! I went to storage and pulled out some of my old journals and books to first see what exactly was I thinking. Most people tend to remember what we want and leave out all sorts of stuff, but I wanted a real life look into Tatiana at 13-14 years old. I was shocked by the things that was really on mind!!!! WOW! I decided to share a few pictures of random ages and what I would have told myself at those ages. I wanted to do this post because as adults we sometimes forget what we were really doing when we were younger. I hear so many adults be hard on children and teenagers when most of these children really are just longing for love and direction. If we can take a moment and go back to what we were doing, maybe we can find some compassion for the babies that we come across nowadays. 

There was so much going in in my mind at this age. I just wanted to talk all of the time.I would have told her she is very special and worthy of LOVE. 

16 years old - This picture brings back so many memories. This was my Jr. year homecoming dance and I had to have this leather skirt. I would tell my 16 yr. old self to SLOW DOWN and focus on school. All I really wanted to do at this age was work and get out of my Mother's house. School simply was not a priority, I even got caught at home sleeping by my Mother during school hours one day. lol!

24 years old - This picture was in Miami, FL and you could not tell me a thing. I would tell my 24 year old self to Establish a SAVINGS plan NOW! Oh, and pay your parking tickets!!! lol! I would have told myself to find a church home and keep your relationship with GOD as a priority. 

13 years old - I would have told my 13 year old self to trust GOD and STAY AWAY FROM BOYS! This birthday outfit was so important to me with the belly out! lol! But I would have told this girl that boys will always be there, steer clear for now!

17 years old -  I would tell this my 17 year old self that 10 years from now Jay-Z will still matter, so quit the lunch room arguments because Ether did not murder Jay's career!!! lol! I was a diehard Jay-Z fan and I would argue endlessly that he was the greatest. I would also tell my 17 year old self to NOT get the claw ponytail (a freeze dried hairstyle) for prom! Lastly, I would have told my 17 year old self to GO AWAY for college, do not stay in this city! Get the college experience Tatiana! 

20 years old -  STAY AWAY FROM DRUG DEALERS!!!!! Laughing BUT VERY SERIOUS! 

At 14 years old, I used to practice over and over how I was going to sign my books. lol!
 I wanted to be a writer so bad at some point. Yes, like an author and poet, hence this horrible poem. hahaha!!!!!

Another horrible poem!  :/
Senior year yearbook...... check out what was in purse. lol!
This is funny for so many reasons. This was written at 17 years old in my year book. At the time I loved Maya Angelou and Jay -Z! Funny!

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  1. I think out of all the things I would tell the younger me, the most important thing would be "Love Yourself". So many times as children we go through traumatic events, and instead of taking that time to understand and heal from what we've been through we find way to fill that void. Rather it be in the opposite sex or material things, we never fully heal. As a younger person if you learn to love yourself first, you understand who you are despite of what may have occurred and you allow God to fill that void. I believe if I would have learned that at a younger age I could have saved myself from a lot of heartbreak as well as saved myself A LOT of money lolbs.

  2. Thank u for this. While looking at your post and pictures. I too would have stayed away from drug dealers 😩😩😩😩 and to Trust God...even though I couldn't trace him, I should have trusted his heart.

  3. I would go back and talk to 16. Tell her to calm down and follow her dreams. Opinions don't matter, go out and prove them wrong.