Stinking Thinking

Friday, May 01, 2015

I recently talked about HIS will vs Our Will here on the blog and I had to stop and ask myself a question. Why is it so hard to let God control my mind??? Many of us can force ourselves to act a certain way yet the mind is still ratchet. My Pastor has been preaching about the mind lately and can you say life changing sermons????? I'll share some snippets of those sermons soon. But on my quest to get rid of that stinking thinking I came across this devotional....

 The first line though; "Let Me CONTROL Your Mind!" For some reason, I just found peace in that statement, Jesus wants to control my mind and why would I stop HIM??? Operating in my my will means that I trust myself more than Christ and how ridiculous is that? He came so that I may have LIFE and that more abundantly so why am I trusting my flesh? The more we learn how much Christ wants us to prosper the  easier it is to be obedient to HIS will. Running from HIS will is like turning down a billion dollar check and how insane would that be?!?! 

I'm learning to fix my thinking on HIM and all the lovely and pure things that comes with having a relationship with Jesus and not on me and my superficial wants and needs. I find it amazing that we have specific instruction on what we are to be thinking, now to actually do it daily, that's my goal! 

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