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1 Jacket - 4 Looks - My style is totally Me

Thursday, June 09, 2016

When I received this super cute lightweight jacket from Gwynnie Bee, I was immediately in love with it! The only thing is, I could not figure out exactly how I wanted to style it.... the possibilities were endless! I decided to have some fun with this blog post and give you 4 different looks featuring this Jete (an exclusive Gwynnie Bee brand) jacket. Now, let's play dress up! 

Let’s get into Look 1!

Look 1 is easy and breezy. I paired the lovely Jete jacket with a cobalt blue ankle pant from The Limited.

I added some gold accents with the belt and the shoes!

 I think this look is great to wear almost anywhere. Dinner, church, date night and even the office.

I wore this look to a gospel festival held in Chicago’s Millennium Park but I traded the heels for sneakers for a pretty comfortable feel and look. 

Let’s get into Look 2!

Look 2 is actually my favorite look full of some of my favorite pieces.    

For look 2 I paired the Jete jacket with my most favorite pair of jeans for a casual yet sexy look. Let’s not underestimate the power of a GOOD pair of jeans! These jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters! They have some amazing jeans for girls with curves. 

Clearly, I love my belts, so I went with my favorite Fendi belt for this chill look. Then, I topped it off with my favorite sparkly Louboutin Pigalle 120.

 I did mention that this look is full of some of my faves, right?! Lol! 

I think this look is perfect for a fun girls’ night out, date night with bae, a concert, comedy show, and much more….. 

Moving right along to Look 3!

Look 3 gives me work, work, workkkkkk! 

Look 3 is perfect for the office and happy hour afterwards. 

I paired the Jete jacket with a cobalt blue pencil skirt from Lane Bryant. I love the details in this skirt

I added a smaller gold belt for a few of the pics and just let the jacket hang in some to show how it looks open. 

The black shoe tones the look down a bit making it a bit more appropriate for an office setting. 

Finally……Look 4!!

Look 4 is simply look 3 with the jacket turned inside out!  

 Don’t you just love versatile pieces?

I love it on the black side with the hints of the print peeking out. 

Don't be afraid to have fun with your clothes and make it your own!

Your style should be totally you!

Do you have a piece that you have rocked multiple ways that you love? 

Please share with me via Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #MyStyleIsTotallyMe!!

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