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Dare to be Different

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ohhhhhhh, to be different! We must accept that we were not created to be mediocre. We were created to be exceptional and strive for excellence in all that we do…..including our personal style. 

I was starting to feel like I always looked the same, same dresses, different patterns.  I wanted something dope and something different! I wanted to push myself to try something new and fun!

This jumpsuit was just that! Something new and something fun and something dope and something different! 

I loved the pattern of this one piece along with the versatility of it. I decided to pair it with a lace and sheer shirt but I can't wait to wear it again with a tank for a different look. 

I purchased this jumpsuit from an amazing website called Zuvaa. If you're not familiar, Zuvaa is a online based marketplace for African inspired fashion and accessories. They are known for being a one stop shop for unique African fashion. 

I actually had the pleasure of meeting the designer of this amazing piece at a Zuvaa pop up shop a few months ago. The jumpsuit is handmade and the designer is Rahyma. 

African jumpsuit

Now, that we know this was made with love, let's talk fit! This has no stretch! NONE! I had to order a 2XL and it was a great fit. I  love that Zuvaa also allows you to enter in your waist measurements when ordering. :) 

I thank God for the push to trust HIM with everything including my style. Don't be afraid to step out and be different.......I really enjoyed this week's Sunday's With Tot and I hope you did too. 

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