Chill Days

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I hung out with some friends last week and decided to rock this super cute outfit. 

I got this super cute bodysuit from Forever 21 and was so excited to rock it! It is so cute and so comfortable. I wanted to wear something different and sexy without letting it all hang out. haha!

Now, for these jeans! THESE JEANS!!!! These jeans are my new favorites! 

These jeans are made by City Chic and was sent to me by Gwynnie Bee.  

If you don't know about Gwynnie Bee you are missing out! You can read about them here. 

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  1. Damn baby those curves tho...INSANE!!! Iv never seen anyone look this good in a pair of jeans. Those legs, hips, thighs are GORGEOUS!! U have a slammin body. I only wish there was a side shot but maybe next time. ;) ;) x x x