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Power of the Maxi Skirt!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Power of the M A X I! 

Here's a few things I just love about a maxi....

1. Maxi skirts are soooooo forgiving! It covers the parts most of us don't feel so comfortable highlighting. lol!

2. They are versatile! You can dress it up or dress it down. I dressed this one up with multiple shirts as seen but it's also so cute with flip flops or flats. 

3.  A maxi skirt provides comfort and style all in one! 

4. A maxi skirt is a timeless piece. I paid $20 for this skirt and plan to have it for years! 

5. A printed maxi skirt is a great way to test the mixing prints water. Many are afraid to mix prints because of what we have all been taught but that's old news my friend! Be fearless and mix those prints. 

Here are the outfit details for my fun maxi skirt!

Skirt from Bolton's for only $20! (Not available online)
Shirt 1 is a bodysuit from Forever 21 Plus
Shirt 2 is a t-shirt from H&M with lace on the top
Shirt 3 is also from Forever 21 Plus

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  1. Love your ideas. I'll have to shop my closet with a different eye. My issue is shoes, what to wear with what. I can't wear heels anymore due to foot problems. Any ideas on shoe fashion on the cheap?

  2. You look great!! All three tops work so well and they all look very nice on you. U have been well blessed... ;) x x x