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Power Peplums

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Let's talk shirts! Finding the perfect shirt can be a true task, especially for us curvy girls. I wanted to share some of my recent favorites that I wore to a few events over these last 2 weeks. Hopefully, sharing where I got these awesome peplum tops from will make the shirt search process a but easier. 

(Check my Instagram page for more pics from the recent events)

The "Power Peplum" is always a great go to!

Just like most women, I have some areas on my body I would just much rather not highlight. 

The thing that I love about a peplum shirt is that you can dress it up or down and it hides my problem area (my tummy) very well. 

All peplums are NOT created equal. Before I get into why I just love this peplum, let me give this ankle pencil pant a little love. These pants are from The Limited and are a size 14. (Shoes are my fav Louboutin that I wear often and the belt is Fendi.) 

This peplum is scuba material with pink underneath it. The pop of pink makes it super adorable but it's not my favorite part of the shirt. 

The best part of the shirt for me is the quality!!!! The peplum is nice and full and bouncy. Once again, all peplums are not created equal. lol! This one is from Eloquii. I had a gift card for their site and was able to score this incredible peplum shirt for $2.00! 

I wore this super cute peplum shirt and ankle pencil pant to #CocktailsWithClaire! Yes, the bomb Claire Sulmners of Fashion Bomb Daily. 

I was so excited to meet her and chat with her. I was featured 2 times last week on Fashion Bomb Daily. In the super rare case that you are not familiar with Claire & Fashion Bomb Daily, I will just say she is like the Michael Jordan of this blogging game. So, to be featured twice on her site in one week is pretty unbelievable! 

Interested in checking out the features?? The links are below. 

 Honorable Mention

I couldn't talk peplums without mentioning this cutie! This puplum top is also from Eloquii. I love that it is two-tone and has some tulle underneath. Interested in pants details? Keep scrolling.....

Wide leg purple pants purchased 4 years ago from Bloomingdale's. They are made by Alice & Olivia and believe it or not they are a size 12. The stretch is just that incredible. I am a firm believer in trying everything on because you just never know. 

I realize that it can be quite difficult to find dope shirts that are affordable. I really hope this was a helpful post. Let me know in the comments below! 

Peace & Love

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