32 things I know for sure at 32- Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!!!!
Here's my list... 32 things I know for sure at 32!

1.      Black Lives Matter 
2.     Angel babies matter #ForeverFarah
3.     Your words either give life or death; no in between
4.     You don't have to be perfect to be great
5.     Being single is not so bad
6.     Divorced does not equal sad, miserable, or thirsty
7.     I'm addicted to waist belts
8.     You can't change people (Only God can, so learn to pray for them)
9.     You cannot have a casual approach to the WORD of God
10. Study Bibles are soooooo bomb!!!!
11. We all have the ability to hear from the Holy Spirit
12. Listen and listen with your heart
13. Praying your own will is a form of witchcraft and control
14. Love and love hard, the world needs more of it!
15. Letting go is far better than holding on (plans, men, jobs, ponytails, relationships, etc!)
16. Love and respect go together like me & waist belts (See #7)
17. Social Media is only as bad as you make it
18. Asking God first can save you a lot heartache (Obedience is major key tho, why ask if you won't listen?)
19. Chasing purpose is far better than chasing money
20. Prayer is mostly about listening
21. Overthinking should be illegal (I am learning how to not overthink….blog post coming soon)
22. When relationships end, always ask God the lesson, most times it is the man in the mirror
23. If you can't afford it don't buy it
24. The best apology is changed behavior
25. Changing is tough but the level up is something serious (Ask me how I know)
26. Learning to let go of old behavior sometimes means letting go of old relationships
27. Instant gratification is a trick of the devil!
28. I'm pretty dope at bouncing back from loss
29. Telling my testimony and how God saved me is my favorite story to tell (My 2nd favorite is The Story Of Farah)
30. You cannot live in this world alone, so maintaining healthy friendships are important.
31. Taking time to have a relationship with God is not easy but so necessary
32. Being yourself and who God created you to be is the best feeling EVER!!!!

Whew!!!! I did it!!! This list was easier than I thought. What is it that you know for sure?? Join me in celebrating my birthday by leaving a comment below and sharing. I am so grateful to God to see another year of life!!!!! Make sure you are following me on social media to catch the celebration. @TotallyTot3 on all channels. Thank you for reading :) Peace & Love

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  1. Love this!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Ponytails!! LOL! Yes...let them go!

    Love this...Happy Birthday!

  3. What I know for sure is truth earns respect that lies and deceit can never gain!