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Highs. Lows. Lessons. Clothes. 2017 4th Quarter Recap

Sunday, January 07, 2018

WOW! Quarter 4 had arrived and I was completly in shock and in awe of God's hand on my year. I had an idea, had said some very specific prayers for the year, but I was still completely humbled by God's handiwork.

Let's keep these recaps going  strong! 
Quarter 4 we are here. 
Highs. Lows. Lessons. Clothes. 

After the Confidence Conference I was completly exhausted. I didn't have many plans to finish the  year strong, I just wanted to REST. But, God had different plans for me and Quarter 4 was on and popping!

First high of Quarter 4 was bittersweet and so special to me. I had the amazing oppurtunity to join an Angel Mommy, Destiny and celebrate her baby boy Kaiden. 


Every time that I can stand next to a Mommy who has experienced the pain I have expereinced there is an instant connection. 

I felt Destiny's heart and love. Kaiden's weekend was amazing.

One high for me was making it to an earlier church service. Every Sunday I would make it to my church's 1pm service but in my heart I knew I was supposed to be at the 10:30 service. In October, I made it! This was a personal goal for me and I felt so accomplished. :) 
 The calendar stayed lit for Q4! I took my Fashion Empowerment mini tour to Thornridge High School's fashion club. 

This after school program focuses on fashion and style and these young ladies ROCK! 

The events didn't stop rolling in. I enjoyed speaking on a panal for love and relationships.  

We gave our honest perspective and chatted with the audience about our experiences. I was a bit nervous, as this is not a topic I speak on much but it was a ton of fun.

I discussed in Quarter 1, that one of the goals for my year was to spend quality time with my Mom. 

Well, the Saturday after Thanksgiving we had a blast at a Bulls game. Our small, but lit family was popping! Mommy & Baby Bro!

Every year the 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League inducts 40 new women who are amazing LEADERS  in their fields. 

Last year I was awarded and SO many amazing opportunities have come to me since then, INCLUDING being asked to join the Leadership Team as Leadership & Development Co-Chair.

 I’m super humbled and thankful and ready to work! My first line of business was to host our new inductees with a 1day retreat. Thanking God  that it was a success!

One thing I must pause and say is GOD IS GOOD!As I recap this final Quarter of 2017 I am blown away at  these oppurtunities to spread the love of Christ. 
Now, let's keep going....
This event here had me so nervous! 

I spoke to about 150 Chicago Housing Authority residents, on saving your coins while being fly. Here's a little snippet above. 

The pic above is the lady responsible for booking me to speak! BEYOND HONORED!

Finally, in December I was pumped to partner with my local MAC Cosmetics and do an in-store event. 

When the manager reached out to me on Instagram I was shocked and thankful. God is SHOWING OUT!!!

My face was done so perfectly! I came home and had a selfie photshoot. I mean, why not?!? When you get a beat face by a MAC PRO it's only right you hit every angle. :) 

I didn't love my outfit but the event was a SUCCESS!I worked with women on power posing and understanding their angles.  

Lastly, Thanksgiving with the fam was LITTY!!!

My Mom and  I having fun with my ringlight. :) 

I feel like this 4th quarter was everything I didn't know that I needed. I was able to enjoy family and work at a decent pace. The "highs" are truly a hug from Heaven, I believe! 

To God be the glory!!!!

Lows. Lows. Lows. I must be super honest and transparent here. The low for this quarter and this year was my daytime job as a Senior Executive Assistant. I have struggled privately with my job for some time now. The demands, the lack of support and so much more. Thankfully, I did get a workplace coach aka a work therapist to help me maneuver. The struggle has been real and I thank God for a career but I am evaluating options at this time. 

 This year, the lessons were screaming at me, so much that I could not deny them.

 In Quarter 4, I learned that my voice is powerful! I am clearly not one to be shy, but honestly, I don't like to stir the pot too much. I learned that God is using my voice to deliver messages that are more powerful than my fears. This lesson started with the launch of TotallyTot and has spilled over in other areas such as my day job. I am learning and will continue to share as I can. This shift of speaking up against what I know is wrong in the workplace is new to me and I will keep praying and being obedient in this area. 

My final major lesson of 2017 is DISCIPLINE!!! This year God has shown me how much more dicipline this next level will require. 2018 is all about greater discipline for me. *Prayers*

Top: Real Glow & Flow
Skirt: Grassfields
Shoes: Asos

Top: Forever Farah (My Angel Baby)

Top: Asos
Skirt: Rue 107
Fanny Pack: Rebecca Minkoff

My Fave Floorlength sheer bomber: Eleven60
Black pants: Gap
TankTop: Forever 21

Dress: Eloquii
Gold belt: Eloquii

Red Belt: White House Black Market

Dress: Hannah Monet
Belt: Agaci

Jacket: Forever 21
Belt: Fendi
Jeans: Gwynnie Bee
Boots: Akira

Dress: Gwynnie Bee
Boots: Franco Sarto
Belt: Moschino

Jumpsuit: Cut to be pants from Agaci
Top: Zara
Belt: White House Black Market

Faux Fur: Bdonna's
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Faux Fur: Gift (There's no tags in it) Sad face!
Denim Jacket: Curvy Sense
Gold Body Suit: Elouii
Jeans: Curvy Sense
Shoes: My fave! Louboutin Pigalle

Oversized Sweater: Neiman Marcus
Boots: Asos (old)
Leggings and Plaid Sweater: Target

My Christmas look!!!

 Top: Gywnnie Bee
Belt: White House Black Market
Skirt: Eloquii
Shoes: Valentino

If you made it here...THANK YOU!!!!! 

I want to thank you for your support in 2017.

I give God the glory! I did these recaps as a reminder to me of the work that God is doing with me. I pray that you have been encouraged to keep following your dreams and trusting GOD!!

Make 2018 GREATER!!!!

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