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Highs. Lows. Lessons. Clothes. 2017 3rd Quarter Recap

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Well Hello!!! Happy New Year!!!!! It's 2018 and I am ready for God to blow my mind and praying that you are ready too!

I'm going to let  2018 finish but I must continue my 2017 recap.  So, here's my Quarter 3 recap!

Quarter 3 started off strong and focused for me. The summer months had arrived, my birthday was quickly approaching, God had given me an idea for a conference in Q2 and Q3 included a lot of conference prep for me. 

Here's my 2017 Q3 recap separated by  Highs. Lows. Lessons. Clothes. 

2017 was off to a decent start. I even did a midyear recap here on the blog, similar to these quarterly recaps. 

Here we go: Q3 Highs

1. I started off July with a fun home photo shoot with my new baby cousin Christion! It was only right that we welcomed baby boy into this world the right way! Speaking of the right way.....We also had a beautiful Sip & See for him. I had so much fun doing the decor as you can see!

2. The top of July I was able to participate in an amazing event called Affirm Her  Greatness. 

We had an awesome and informative panel discussing our personal stories with attendees. I left inspired and thankful for the opportunity.    

3. Moving into August! 

August kicks off my birthday and although my 33rd birthday was here, I must be honest and say that celebrating wasn't my main focus. But...I did write a blog post! 

I really wanted to just have a good time and that is exactly what I did with some close friends and family. 

The day of my birthday celebration I was in full prep for my upcoming Confidence Conference. 

The Confidence Squad got together right before my celebration to take these amazing photos. 

I am smiling in these pics, but I honestly had no clue how much God was about to blow my mind.

August continued to be amazing. I ended the month with NIKE! Yes, you heard it right....NIKE!

I had the pleasure to join a group of plus size women in Nike's first plus-size event in Chicago. I participated in an in-store fashion show and when I walked out I could not believe all of the smiling faces who came out!

So thankful that even my mom came out to support me. 

We had a blast!!  

4. Moving into September!

September started out all about family! 

My little brother, who isn't so little anymore had a pop-up shop for his clothing line.

Of course, my Mom and I were there to support him. It was a huge success and I couldn't be prouder.  His shirts can be found at Poshsway.com

NOW for the end of 3rd Quarter.....Drum roll, please......

The Confidence Conference!

On September 23, 2017, I held my first Confidence Conference!!! Talk about God blowing my mind!!!!! This conference came to me in the middle of the night in April and it happened!! 

This conference was everything and more!!!  I did post a bit about it here. 

The Confidence Conference was not an easy task but God truly showed out and showed me what trusting HIS plan looks like. 

We provided breakfast, lunch, a pop-up vendor experience with over 20 women-owned businesses and sessions on everything confident!

My team, the Confidence Squad exceeded my expectations! They were indeed the chosen FEW and I thank God for the sisterhood I found in these 2 ladies, Davenda and Laisha! To learn more about them click HERE.

My last "high" note for Quarter 3.....Confidence is MAJOR KEY!!!! S0 thankful!!!


Planning the Confidence Conference was fun and honestly my most stressful time of 2017. I constantly had moments of doubt, fear and questioning myself. At one point, I even wanted to cancel the entire thing. SILLY ME!! This takes me to my greatest lesson of Q3 and honestly the year.....

Don't GIVE UP! This journey can make you tired. It can make you feel silly for even thinking you could make an impact....but still don't give up!

Skirt from Amazon
Gal Power T-shirt: Asos

My 2nd major lesson for Q3 was that I will need a team. I learned in a very major way that I can not do this work alone. God sent me someone very special to help with all of the Confidence Conference behind the scenes work. Lisa....I love ya girl!! 

The outfits were fun and colorful for Q3! I had to give the summer some fun and flavor!

Jacket: Grassfield's
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follie

Top: Zara
Pants: Kenbri Boutique

Melanin Top: Urban Ziel
Skirt: Eloquii
Belt: Eloquii

Top: Asos 
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Asos

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Asos
Belt: Eloquii

Jacket: Eloquii
Jeans: Hannah Monet Boutique
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Sparkly Pigalle

Dress & Belt: Eloquii
Shoes: Asos

Dress: Eshakti

Jeans: Gap
Vest: Eloquii
Shoes: Gold 20th Anniversary Louboutin

All H&M
Sneakers: Puma

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