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Highs. Lows. Lessons. Clothes. 2017 2nd Quarter Recap

Monday, January 01, 2018

Now for the Quarter 2 recap! I walked into spring 2017  locked and loaded with goals. Let's go....same format.....

Highs. Lows. Lessons. Clothes. 

Kicking off 2nd Quarter is always bittersweet for me. April sometimes knocks me off my feet as I prepare to celebrate my angel Farah. 

This year was a little different. I decided to celebrate my Angel Baby Farah a little differently. 

We kicked off April 3rd with a balloon release and a party with some of my friend’s children. It was so special.

Of course, #SundaysWithTot was dedicated to Farah then April got litty!

April 2017 was my first ever Totally Tot’s Teen Month! I was so excited to highlight some amazing teenagers that I’ve been able to meet.

 These teenagers shared their stories of joy and triumph here on the blog! 

Click here and here to check out their blog posts.  

Totally Tot’s Teen month included a prom dress giveaway and we ended April with Teen Talks!! Prom dresses were given away to young girls across the US! 

The workshop was for teenage girls ages 13-18 yrs. old. The month of April is such a special month to me, instead of being sad as “Farah season” approached, I decided to pour my energy into some amazing young ladies.

My ultimate goal for the teen workshop was to help young girls see themselves in a new way! 

We discussed confidence, personal style, goals and much more!

I kicked off May with a style challenge! I had been thinking about this style challenge for a while and I finally did it!!!! I still can’t believe I actually did it! This challenge was everything I imagined and over 100 people joined me online!

The events were indeed popping in 2nd Quarter. In April, I sat on a panel discussing winning women and sharing my thoughts with some amazing ladies.

 I participated in an amazing webinar for women birthing new things hosted by Kristen R. Harris, which taught the importance of knowing and understanding your personal style.

In June, I joined Amazing makeup artist Davenda, of Paint Gal Studio, and provided tips to her makeup class on being fearless in fashion.

 I had the pleasure of speaking to some amazing young people with Demoiselle 2 Femme’s and what their style says about them. 

Lastly, I joined Pretty Plus radio and shared my journey with confidence in putting on a swimsuit.

My schedule! My schedule! Me schedule!

In 2nd Quarter, my blog posts started to take a decline and life was happening very fast. I was busy, booked, and halfway balancing it all. Smh! I am thankful to God for opening doors for me that I could never have imagined for myself.

One personal low that I experienced was losing my cousin Marcel to gun violence. I still can't believe it. 

One major lesson that I learned in Quarter 2 was that miracles are real!! My younger cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in June! This little baby boy has been a light to our lives from the moment he was born!!!! Look out for more pics in my Quarter 3 recap. 

Another big lesson  for Quarter 2, was learning the power of my message. I knew God had given me something special and the first half of 2017 was teaching me a lot.  I gained so much more confidence in Christ and the gifts God has given me.

This skirt is one of my favorite pieces of 2017! It's from Grassfields. Top from  Forever 21 Plus. (Old)

Some of my faves from Q2! 
Blue printed dress: Gwynnie Bee!
Leather skater dress: Asos
Denim dress: Eshakti

The infamous swimsuit: Torrid

Dress: Grassfields
Shoes: Puma

Yellow Top: Zara
Denim: Gap
Shoes: Asos
Floor Length Bomber: Eleven60

Shirt: Ny&Co
Skirt: Elquii (As seen in Q1 recap and will be seen again!) 

Blazer: White House Black Market
Pants: Old Navy
Black Studded Fanny Pack belt: Rebecca Minkoff

One piece: Gwynnie Bee
Belt: Moschino
Denim Jacket: Gwynnie Bee
Shoes: Louboutin Pigalle 100

Tulle Skirt: Torrid
Lace Body Suit: Forever 21
Sheer Bomber: Fashionable Addictions

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