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The Highs and The Lows

Monday, June 05, 2017

Hello There!! 

OMG! Let's talk a little fashion talk today! Do you consider yourself high fashion?

I'm talking premium brands, designer labels, couture style and etc?

Well, I personally love mixing the "highs" with the "lows"!

I shop just about everywhere you can find a great garment. Of course, there are times when a certain quality is necessary, but most times I like to have fun and be flexible when shopping.

The awesome wide legs pants I have on here were only $20! Yes, you read correctly! I wore it with my fave black pump, a Louboutin Pigalle pump! 

I paired these pants with a bold black and silver statement tee. The tee reads "I'm the one that got away!" This tee was created as a message to your ex but for me, it's a message to my past! I am the one that got away with total peace and a lit life!!!

So, the moment you have been waiting for....lol!! The pants are from Rainbow! Yes, that clothing store that you have written off from the 90's. 

My pants are a 3X and I could have used a 2X for sure! The 1X fit but I wanted them to be super baggy. lol! They were a little big but I still rocked out! 

Pants: $19.97
Shoes - $725.00
Sunglasses  - $15.00 
Statement t-shirt - Priceless

I would love for you to share you high/low moments with me! Use #MyStyleIsTotallyMe to share them! 


Happy shopping! 

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