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Living on Purpose at 33! Today is my birthday!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Well, hello 33!  Today is my birthday and I am so thankful to be 33!!!!! WOW! I thank God that I am feeling amazing today.
My birthday plans are really chill and I remember that once would have bothered me but not anymore. I am more excited to live another year and level up in my purpose!!! Speaking of purpose....

For years I wandered around oblivious to my purpose. I had no clue why God created me or why I should truly care. I was enjoying life and living up to a standard that I thought was acceptable. I, of course, believed in God but I did not put together how my life and day to day activities had anything to do with Jesus. 

Now fast forward to 2017, it's my 33rd birthday and I can see so much clearer now. The more I look around the more I realize how IMPORTANT it is to be aware of your purpose here on this earth.  God created each and every one of us with a specific purpose in mind.  

When we are not connected to our purpose we can so easily get distracted with meaningless things. People will fight battles that is not even theirs simply because they are not operating in their purpose. 

I sometimes can't believe that I walked around oblivious for so many years. I was literally walking around only accountable to myself. 

 I have a long way to go, but I feel like I finally have a peek into the reason that God created me and put me on this earth. To serve and love HIS people with faith, fashion, and encouragement. WOWZERS!

I think it's pretty natural to reflect on your birthday right?? As I reflect I realize that this last year has been all about learning and being more fearless. God is giving me the confidence to walk in boldness and fearlessly pursue my goals. 

The more that I chase my goals,  the more that God is checking my heart and my motives. Sounds, fun right? ha! Every day I am seeing how much I must let go to truly walk in the purpose that HE is calling me to. I will tell you, beautiful people, this process is nothing like I thought!!! WOW! 

Discovering my purpose sounds so cool but it truly includes letting go of all of the madness that I once loved. The moment that I began to tap into why God created me, was the moment that many things in my life started to SHIFT and FALL IN PLACE! Purpose gives you direction. Knowing the direction you should be headed in gives your life true meaning. Wandering for years like I did, does not have to be your story!!!  My prayer is that after reading this you will ask God, why did you create me? Many of us get so cauht up in making a living that we don't seek true purpose! 

Knowing your purpose helps you to truly accept how valuable you are. 

I want you to know that:

Your desires are not random! 
Your thoughts are not random! 
Your interactions with people are not random!  

God is knocking on your door with purpose! Will you answer?

Be Bold. Be You. Be Confident. 

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