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My 1st "Tot Loves" Post!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I am beyond pumped to share my 1st "Tot loves" post!!

This portion of the blog, I'll be covering some of my FAVORITEEEEEE things! They may be random and fun but what I guarantee you, it will be things that I absolutely LOVE! 

I have decided to share this awesome invitation that we used for our wedding in 2013. I really wanted something different and amazing and found this site that makes scroll invitations.

The site that I ordered these from is www.indianweddingcard.com and the cool thing is that you can request samples! If you order from them, the price of the sample is deducted from your order.

Here's a few tips if you order from them:
  • You must provide all details of your invitation via email and you have to do all of your formatting
  • Customer Service Agents are not available 24/7 so many of my emails would not get answered until about 3am CST. (I'd find myself up in the middle of the night chatting and editing with the agents)
  • The mailing envelopes are very basic that come with them, but they worked for me! (not pictured

Any questions about this post?
Leave a comment or email me at heytot@totallytot.com

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