Are you in a Power Position??

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I have mentioned a few times here on the blog that I am apart of an amazing ministry here in Chicago. The ministry is Empowering With Wisdom Ministries and here is a clip of a recent sermon from our Pastor, Pastor Ezekiel Taylor aka Pastor Zeke. Since becoming a part of this dynamic ministry I have really felt not only empowered but encouraged to stay the course! Although this clip is short, it is indeed powerful!

Many times we find ourselves hurt, disappointed, and frustrated by pain inflicted on us, often times undeserved and unnecessary. Painful experiences can leave us with a completely different outlook on life and really most of us become bitter and angry. But allowing that anger to change us gives that person who hurt us and that experience the POWER to control us. But when we forgive and lead every negative thought to the obedience of Christ we take the POWER away from the situation and put ourselves in a POWER Position! We have to remember that nothing is happening TO us but everything is happening FOR us. We have to take our eyes off of the situation and allow God to renew our minds with HIS thoughts!!! I want to make sure that I say "us" because I am learning and growing daily and I never want this blog to feel like I am coming from a superior place but truly just sharing the wisdom as I get it. I think it is about time we get back in our rightful place and that is in a POWER POSITION!

 Okay, just my little recap, enjoy! Watch it a few times! 

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