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Imperfect Progress

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I have a confession:

Sometimes I just want to stay in my "Jesus Bubble"!

haha! Hopefully that made you laugh out loud.

Seriously, sometimes it can seem like it is so much easier to just stay to myself and my circle, where I can control the atmosphere and everything feels safe and comfortable. But, I know that I was not created to always feel comfortable. It's the uncomfortable moments that show me just how much I NEED God and his unmerited favor. It's the uncomfortable situations that reminds me of how far I have to go. It's the uncomfortable encounters when my emotions are at an all-time high, and that sweet whisper that is the Holy Spirit becomes a distant voice, that I am reminded that my spirit needs to be fed like never before. These are the moments that keep me chasing after God. These are the moments that keep me humble. These are the moments that I realize that being saved does not mean you will always get it "right", quite honestly knowing better does not always equal doing better.

It's the all too familiar place of imperfect progress. 

If you're going to talk the talk then you should walk the walk, right? Well, walking that faith walk is not as easy as just saying it. As believers who boldly speak about Jesus and faith, we must understand that it's okay to be a work in progress. Many times people get saved and are ready for instant change, but we soon discover that slow progress is better than no progress. I am not saying just go ahead and be ratchet and repent later, but I'm talking about those true areas of struggle, the areas that you just can't seem to get right. I have been going through some life struggles lately and I must admit that some of my responses to these struggles have been quite embarrassing. As much as I want to display "Christian-like" behavior in the toughest of times, I am human and the struggle is very real. But, I thank God for his grace!! *Praise Moment* I have to remind myself not to be fooled by the enemy's tricks of condemnation because as a believer we can carry these burdens and disappointments to God where there is NO condemnation. My recent prayers have been for wisdom and for God to give me strength to handle situations as HE would have me handle them and not my stinking flesh! It's so easy to want to live in a bubble to avoid confrontation and strife but these encounters serve as a daily reminders that we NEED God. God sees our progress and no matter how imperfect it is, He still loves us and does not want us to give up. What seems impossible is possible with God and as long you stay in the fight, continue to feed your spirit, and commit yourself to growth, true change is inevitable!  Incline your ear to HIS voice and allow HIM to do a thorough work in you.

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