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Guest Blogger Alert!!!! - Meet 13 year old Kim!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


I am so excited to have Kimberly Wilborn as my first guest blogger. This 13 year old is truly a dynamic teenager who unapologetically lives her life for Christ! I met Kim through a close friend and I immediately could see how different this young lady was. She’s full of love and energy and she understands the power of being true to herself but more importantly she understands the power of having a relationship with God. Yes, at 13 years old she has a very real testimony and she is not afraid to share it. She even realizes the importance of giving God the glory and that is huge and should be celebrated in this day and age!!

I have a number of teenagers that will be sharing their stories and testimonies this year! I am so grateful to God to be able to have this platform for these amazing young adults. I asked Kim to write for TotallyTot.com because I knew that her story is not only encouraging to people of all ages but it has the power to change lives!

Of course, no blog post is complete without a “TotallyTot” photoshoot! So, Kim and I took to the Chicago streets to snap some pics. My dear friend Mary who I met Kim through (Kim is Mary’s boyfriend’s little sister/cousin) was gracious enough to be our photographer, makeup artist, prayer partner and so much more. 

Sooooooo, here’s Kim’s story in her own words!

Hi! My name is Kimberly Wilborn, and I'm a 13 year old believer in Christ. I enjoy writing, vintage music, fashion (I'm really looking forward to learning how to sew!)and showing compassion by spreading the love of Jesus Christ. I come from a pretty large family and I'm the baby! 

Many people think that means I'm spoiled but trust me it has its ups and downs! Living my life as a believer is awesome, but of course like any other believer; there are some challenges.

As my journey continues with Christ, I've learned how to deal with things the correct way, instead of letting my flesh talk for itself. Ha, we all know how that can go down! 

For example, God has taught me how to bite my tongue. Once I was cleaning my room, and my sister entered screaming, and yelling at me for not being ready on time (when she's barely ready herself). I honestly, wanted to just yell and fight back with her but the Holy Spirit immediately made me stop in my tracks and realize what I was doing. 

The truth is, secretly, nobody is perfect. And that's really what the Holy Spirit is here for! To be our comforter and our guider, and without his help and His confidence He plants inside me, I wouldn't be here. His guidance is what kept me sane and in peace. 

I'm honestly blessed to be saved at my age because I get to learn a lot of things that it takes years for others to learn. One thing that I've learned was to just be you! Once I really started to find out exactly who I was in Christ, I couldn't help but to love His people, and to love the world. I couldn't help but to love those who hurt me, and that's why I'm blessed today to say that I've forgiven an absent father, and an addict-prostitute mother, all because of God!

God's grace is what keeps me moving, honestly. He keeps me in his wing and protects me, He always reminds me, when I worry about something, that His mighty hand is on my life. Nothing can fail when you have Zion! And that's what really keeps me going, is Him! Love you, and God bless you!

Here's a few more photos and a link to a story that Kim wrote for school! 

I think it's extremely important that we celebrate our youth, especially being from Chicago where we are known for violence, we must show love and acknowledge this rose that grew from concrete. 

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  1. This was really inspiring!!

  2. God is so good! This brought tears to my eyes. 💞🙏🏽🙌🏽 I'm so impressed with this young lady.

  3. Love it! She's very mature. I need to learn how to channel some of that discretion. Good post

  4. Thank you everyone! I am so blessed to be used by God to inspire and move others! I am so grateful for you support, love, and understanding that you all give me! I love you all 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜