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I'm focused.....#FringeBenefits

Sunday, May 22, 2016

I'm focused mannnnn!!!! I am feeling wayyyyy up, I feel blessed! 

The weather is starting to warm up in Chicago so light jackets are easily the move right now. This fringe jacket from Eloquii is a favorite of mine right now. 

I recently ran into a friend who said to me, "Girl, God has really changed you!" I chuckled as she began to discuss some of the crazyyyy things she has witnessed me do in the past. As she told these stories, I started to just thank GOD for keeping me focused. I am not where I should be but I am not where I was. 

Change is never easy, but often necessary.  One thing that I have learned is that change requires faith, I'm talking GREAT FAITH to keep you going and committed to the process. 

In order to let go of the old you must believe that the new is better. You must trust that what God has for you is greater than where you have been! We must be willing to reject our old way of thinking and open up our minds to being renewed by GOD. I have to remind myself that God's plan is way better than my ridiculous plan so it would be wise to just let go and let GOD!

So, as I was hearing these hilarious stories about how I used to pop off on social media and act a complete fool, I could not do anything but be GRATEFUL! Grateful that God has given me the strength to change my life and stay focused on HIM! 

Now, for this super cute skater dress that I rocked for this edition of #SundaysWithTot. This lovely dress is from my favorite clothing rental service, Gwynnie Bee! If you have never heard of Gwynnie Bee you can click here to read my post about this cool service. 

The dress is by Taylor Dresses which is one of my favorite brands! Taylor is well known for their amazing skater dresses and fun and prints and patterns.  

Stripes. Floral. Fringe. Faith. TotallyTot.


Outfit Details below:

Fringe Leather: Eloquii.com

Dress: Rented from Gwynnie Bee (Made by Taylor Dresses)

Shoes: Asos.com (DaisyStreet)

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