Daygleam Sundays - 7/23/16

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I recently attended this awesome event at the lovely Godfrey hotel here in Chicago. This event connected fashion lovers, beauty lovers, and everyone in between! 

The Godfrey hotel has one of the cutest rooftops here in Chicago. It was the perfect scenery for my #SundaysWithTot pictures. 

I decided to pull out this super cute skirt that I've worn here on the blog before. 

Very summery and it truly commanded the attention of the "fashion elite!" haha! Yes, this $20 skirt received so many compliments.

You can't go wrong with a classic white shirt, well actually you can. (Keep scrolling to see my switch up) But, that's not my point. Classic and cute is always a winner. 

This strappy sandal and the big floppy Ralph Lauren hat were the perfect compliments to my Daygleam outfit. 

As I mentioned before, this skirt was $20! Here's the link below to purchase. I am wearing an XL. 

The wind was trying to take my hat awayyyyy! 

Remember, I mentioned above about the "perfect" white shirt look? Yeah, as much as I love a collared white shirt they just don't love me. So, I always pack an extra shirt. This time I had this super cute black bodysuit for the switch up. 

My lovely friend Cortney hung out and enjoyed the day with me! Isn't she just gorgeous!?

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  1. Tot, your style and body type is so similar to my own! I love it and love you! Do you have a YouTube? Please make one-I'd love to see look books! I'm so glad I found you through fashionbomdaily

  2. Very nice. Love those heels too. I don't get it though, I think the white shirt looks great on u. x x