My Faith is Activated Like a Perm!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Surrendering activates your faith!

Have you ever got a call for something you didn’t apply for? Got an unexpected opportunity? That is what this year has been all about for me. 

FAITH Activation!!!! 

My faith has been activated like a perm! I am constantly learning that in order to activate my faith I must surrender! To surrender is to let go…. I had to let go of my thoughts, my ways, my ideologies and begin to seek God's thoughts and study HIS word. Sometimes I feel like my message on here is constantly the same, but I know it's still so necessary. How often do we trust ourselves more than God?? 

 I have been thinking this way for all of my life and now to realize that I don’t know a darn thing……MAN!!!!! But, the way God is rebuilding me is so flipping amazing! Leaning to my own understanding was a waste of time and energy and quite honestly I didn’t get myself very far.

 I find myself praying more and just trying my best to move and shake as God would have me. I am so thankful for HIS grace and mercy because when I slip, He’s right there to catch me and that my friends is by far the most secure feelings ever.

Don’t panic…….surrender your thoughts to Christ and activate your faith TODAY. XOXO!

Now, let's chat about these clothes for a bit. This is just a quick look into the t-shirts that I have coming out. I mean faith activation for real here!!! lol! More details to come.

This skirt is from Amazon! I have worn the other version here. 

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