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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Happy Sunday!!! I am so excited to continue my collaboration series. For this week’s collaboration I am so excited to highlight my amazing hair stylist Yonyace (pronounced Yonice). I decided to do a Q&A with Yonyace about her time in the hair game. Yonyace has been my hairstylist for some years now and I am beyond grateful for her.

How did you start doing hair? How long have you been doing hair?
I started doing hair when my Mom gave me a relaxer and it took my hair out when I was 13 years old. Lol! Professionally, I have been doing hair over 20 years.

Was being an entrepreneur something you dreamed of?
Doing hair was not my first dream. I actually wanted to work in the fashion industry.  

If you were not doing hair what would you be doing?
Before I started doing hair I wanted to be a buyer. I became interested in that when I was employed for Carson Pirie Scott, I was an assistant to the buyers of the boys department. 

Many people give credit to “hustling and grinding” for their success. What would you say is your secret to maintaining a lucrative business and a popping clientele?
Keeping my craft relevant, making sure my clients are satisfied with their styles, and trying to stay humble as possible are all major key. I never bragged and boasted about my craft, I just let my styling do the talking.

How would you say that faith played a role in your business?
I was brought up in a Christian household. I was always taught to put God first and everything else will fall in place.

How do you feel when you make people over or give people a new look?
I feel blessed!!! I love being a blessing to women .When they feel good about themselves it makes me feel even better about what I do.

One thing I love about being your client is the personal touch. You have a very hands on approach to each client and that is very rare these days. Whenever I personally have something happening in my life you have given me a new style to match that. How do you manage to keep it personal but professional with so many women and is that difficult?
I try to give everyone a hands on approach because I deal with so many personalities. As long as I have a good rapport with the client it makes my job a little bit easier.

Nowadays, everything is done online and often times lacks  human interaction. I personally enjoy speaking to someone when I make my appointments.  What has kept you from infusing technology in your business? (Is it that hands on approach we mentioned earlier?)
Honestly I've never been a "social media” stylist. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with them. I just enjoy giving that attention to detail before the client arrives so I can have a full understanding of what the client’s needs are .There are a lot of stylists that book thru Styleseat and I've heard so many complaints from people about it. People have told me that they've booked other stylists online but never had the opportunity to speak to them about the style and etc.

What is your favorite part about what your job?
My most favorite part about my job is being able to put smiles on my clients faces and  I also enjoy being as creative as I possibly can.

What’s the most difficult thing about your job?
The most difficult part is dealing with so many personalities on a daily basis. Sometimes I'm not in the best mood myself but I have to push thru and remember I'm here to serve my clients even if sometimes they push my buttons. Lol!  

What would you say is your specialty?
I've always enjoyed cutting hair. A good haircut is MAJOR key.

How do you stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and styles?
Honestly, hairstyles never go out of style they just get modernized.

With the demands of so many clients, how do you manage to balance out home and work life? 
Balancing out both is hard. I'm working 60% of the time and 40% I'm home but I try my best to make the best of it. Thank God my daughter is grown now. I definitely am still learning how to make time for myself because, sometimes being a stylist you're so focused on your clients and can so easily  forget about yourself.

As a Mother to the cutest young lady my boo Kay Kay, how did being an entrepreneur play a role in your parenting? Did you encourage her to work for herself or did you allow her to find her own path? She was one of the main reasons I started doing hair. I got pregnant with her and decided to go to school while I was pregnant as a way to support her .I encourage her to follow her dreams, I also instilled in her to never depend on anyone for anything. She's become a strong willed person and she is so independent which I love!!

Final Question….What 3 tips would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs and hair stylists?

 First and most importantly REMAIN  HUMBLE!!

Second, be able to accept constructive criticism!

Third, remember that there is always someone out there that's a little better than you so push yourself to the max!!!

Want to book Yonyace or see more of her work?

Follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/msyonyace

To book her you can call or text her and tell her TotallyTot sent you!

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