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Boots Too SMALL? Hack Inside!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Most curvy women are blessed with big calves like myself. lol! Finding the perfect boot for these blessed legs can sometimes be a struggle. 

Well, I have the perfect hack for you! 

These amazing fringe boots were first purchased in 2016. I scored them on super sale at DSW! The only issue I had was I could not zip them all the way up. BUMMER!

I did not let this issue stop me from getting the boot. I knew it was time for me to make this work. 

I took the boots to my local shoe cobbler and they were pretty sure I was out of luck. NOOOO WAY!

I asked them to cut the boot open and add elastic to it. Of course, they thought I was crazy. I knew it was a risk but I was sure that it would work.

It worked!!!

The cobbler added the elastic and an additional zipper to the boot. Now, the boot has 2 zippers, which gives it a bit more character. The first zipper which came with the boot, then the 2nd zipper which is ultimately connected to the added elastic. 


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