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Saving money looks GOOD!

Friday, March 09, 2018

One of my many passions is saving money! I even have a part of this blog that shares my secret life of couponing.

I am all about shopping smarter and making wise financial decisions all while looking GOOD! 

I have shared my 7 favorite places consign here on the blog. I have shared a few times about Gwynnie Bee but I haven’t gone into detail on this amazing company in a while. 

I received this super cute and comfy sweater in my latest Gwynnie Bee box and it's perfect for this Friday's #FunDaysWithTot!

So, I have a few questions for you that I had to ask myself….

How often do we buy something and only wear it once?

How often do we pass up items in the store because it's just not practical to purchase?

Have you heard of Gwynnie Bee??

GwynnieBee is a clothing subscription service for women size 10 and up, think of it as a Netflix for clothes!

1. Sign up for your free 30 days with this link here and choose how many items you would like to have out at a time. The options range from 1 item out at $49 a month to 10 items for $199 a month. I currently have the 2 item plan for $59 a month. I have found that this plan works best for me. In 1 month, I have received as many as 15 items on this plan. The cool thing is that you can keep the items as long as you want. Just be aware that your next pieces won't ship until you return or purchase the items that you have out. 

2. Once you are all signed up, you can begin adding items to what Gwynnie Bee calls your closet. Once you have 50 pieces in your closet, they will begin to send you pieces depending on which plan you picked. The only downside is you cannot pick which items you receive, you can only label an item as "priority" and they will push that to the front of your list, to ensure that you receive your priority items sooner.

3. Once you wear your garment from Gwynnie Bee, you return the item using their prepaid packet. That easy! No cleaning or anything. If you find that you love it and want to keep it, you simply log into your Gwynnie Bee account and purchase the item. 

I have discovered new brands, tried clothes that I normally would look over, and had the luxury of even beeing in one of Gwynnie Bee's commercials. 

Oh, just me in a Gwynnie Bee commercial!

Totally Tot loves Gwynnie Bee!

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