Fun Looks = Easy Win

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Fun outfits make life just a tad bit brighter!

I can hardly believe that summer is wrapping up. But, I am going to ride the summer wave until till the wheels fall off! I am going to enjoy every ounce of the sun until I just can't! It's my quest to live in and enjoy the moment and not be anxious for the future. 

This jumpsuit is the perfect look to embrace the sun and the warm weather. 

This jumpsuit ran a little bit bigger than expected. I was still able to make it work. 

Most of my fun summer looks have been from the amazingly affordable Shein and this jumpsuit here is no different. 

Working with Shein has been amazing! 
I love collaborating with brands that people are interested in. I've had many people walk up to me and tell me they've tried Shein! 


Don't forget to use my code "total20" when ordering from Shein! It works for orders over $60.

Happy Shopping & Happy Summer....

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