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Friday, December 21, 2018

Life is happening so fast! 2018 has taught me more than any other year that life happens to all of us! There's no way to escape the lessons that God has for you. PERIODT! I am learning to lean in to Jesus more than ever because that's the only way I can experience peace as I experience life's ups and downs. 

I feel like my blog posts lately have been a bit sad. UGH!!! But, this is my safe place to just be and share as I feel lead. I believe that as much as I share great moments, it's important to share the real. I am learning to have faith even when the vision is cloudy! I trust GOD and trust my life with HIM!

If you are reading this......no matter what it looks like keep the FAITH!!!!

Coat can be found here from Shein. I have noticed their sizing is getting more accurate which I am loving. 

I am in love with these pants! 

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