Gotta Pace Yourself!!

Friday, February 08, 2019

So, you know I try to be transparent on this here blog! Whew! So, I had a conversation with a guy recently and I totally bombed the whole thing. I have not dated for real since being divorced. I have been getting closer to God and focusing on my heart and my healing. I have been concentrating on abstaining from sex, lust and other triggers I’ve experienced in my past. I have been focused on hearing God’s voice clearer and so much more. Soooooo, back to my story. I recently had a conversation with this guy that I think is extremely handsome, I would go out on the limb and say I had a slight crush on him. SMH.  In that conversation I realized how awkward and ill prepared I was in this space. It was a small part of my lesson I learned this week…. I gotta pace myself. I have to  slowww down to hear the voice of the Lord. Yes, feeling all gooey is cool and all and that feeling of having a crush is cute but it can be oh so shallow!! Reflecting on that conversation made me realize how many other areas in my life could use a sober and slower approach. I have the tendency to fantasize about what could be in spaces like business, love, and just life! But, pacing yourself helps you live more for the present moment and enjoying life as is without focusing on  expectations. Of course, there is a need for expectations but there are moments where we can’t zoom in on them. 

Does that make sense? Picture this: You’re eating dinner and it’s so good that instead of chewing slowly and savoring the taste, you miss the entire moment by  focusing on what’s on the plate and what’s for dessert.

Trying to digest moments too fast can cause you to choke! The risks are endless…..

P A C E Y O U R S E L F !!!!

Quick couple of tips for Pacing Yourself:

1.   Refrain from shallow thinking!
Level up your thinking and go deeper!!! Surface level thinking does not allow you to level up!

2.  Don’t trust your emotions!
Emotions will send you clean off! Being overly emotional takes away your power to remain sober and focused.

3. Focus on God’s plan for YOU!
Not pacing yourself can take you outside the will of GOD! God’s timing is PERFECT. 

We must dig deeper into our why and our what.  Why are you attracted to who or what you’re attracted to and what purpose does this serve you and your life’s purpose?

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