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Shein Q&A 2019!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I have worked with some amazing brands for my blog but, I get the most questions about Shein! 
 I think it's amazing to see my readers finding and curating great looks at affordable prices. Last year I wrote a blog post on tips for shopping with Shein. I think it's about time that I post an updated tips list for you all.  Below, you will see how items look on the site and how it looks in real life on me. 

My hope is that this blog post will answer lingering questions and assist you in your shopping. 

Sooooo, let's get to it!!! 

Shein Q&A & other things you should know!

Although I receive my clothes from Shein for marketing and blogging purposes the opinions I share will ALWAYS be honest and my own! I LOVE US FOR REAL!!!

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1. Is Shein Real?
Yes, they are a real fast fashion website. The clothes on the site are the what you get in real life. For this particular blog post, I have added the stock photos shown on their site, next to me actually wearing the items to help. 

Click here for jumpsuit!
2. Does Shein fit?
Yes! Shein not only fits, but it fits well. Shein has updated the fit of their clothes and I have found it to be more accurate to American sizes. I typically wear a 1X-2X in my items. (If you are a 14-16, I would suggest a 1X-2X depending on materials.) This jumpsuit is a 2X because I wanted to ensure it fit well. Most of my weight is in my bottom half so I wanted to accommodate these thighs.
 Read the reviews and the description for EACH item. Although the sizing is more consistent than it has been, I still suggest reading the reviews.  The payoff is major!! You can’t beat the deals and the pieces are a hit!!

3. How long is Shein's shipping?
If you need an item overnight, Shein is NOT your site. On their site it states that standard shipping takes between 6-8 business days, but I have noticed most items arrive within 5 business days. I have noticed Express shipping does take about 4 business days. There have been times items arrive faster, but this has been my typical experience. 

4. Do you like Shein?
Believe it or not,I get this question ALL of the time! Here's my honest answer: YES! 
Yep, I like Shein for multiple reasons. From a business perspective they are a great company to work with. From a consumer perspective the clothes are on trend with some amazing classics mixed in. It's a great place to shop and the clothes can be worn multiple times. These pieces are NOT 1 time wear items which I can totally appreciate. They sustain washing, cleaning, etc. 

5. What's the quality like?
I would say the quality of their clothes may actually surprise you. I would give Shein's items a 7/10 on the quality scale. I have received some items that were 10/10 and other times there may have been an odd lining or lighter weight fabric that took the quality down a bit. Nothing major that would stop me from wearing the brand. 

6. Always use a promo code
My last and final tip is to ALWAYS look for a promo code! Always use a promo code for their site. Shein typically has amazing deals that are even better with a promo code. Every time I post a look from Shein, I share my promo code, which changes every season. 
My current code “totalq2” expires 6/30/19.

Although I receive my clothes from Shein for marketing and blogging purposes the opinions I share will ALWAYS be honest and my own! I LOVE US FOR REAL!!!

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