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Bodycon or nah!

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Let's talk bodycon dresses for this blog post. 
Whew chile!!! 

Before I go too far, let me cover exactly what a bodycon dress is. According to Wikipidia: A bodycon dress is a tight figure-hugging dress, often made from stretchy material. The name derives from "body conscious"

Now that we have that covered let's talk about my love/hate relationship with bodycon dresses. As a full figured woman, this type of dress is honestly just not my go to dress. Bodycon's are typically not very forgiving to those areas I would rather not show off. Even with proper shapewear they leave nothing to the imagination and that's just not my personal style.  Sometimes I want to challenge myself and my personal style though. I think it's important to go beyond what is comfortable and push yourself in all areas including personal style. 

This look is me challenging myself and my style. I wanted the dress to be flattering, bold, challenging, yet perfect for me. With that being said, I opted to add some fringe in! The fringe belt added to the look without compromising the look and made it more comfortable for me. I was able to play up the current trends of animal print and neon adding the fringe belt to fashionably cover my tummy. haha! I just love it when a plan comes together! 
The belt was an oldie but goodie that I had in the closet for moments like this. 

Get creative and don't be afraid to challenge yourself and your personal style!

The dress can be found by clicking here.

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