Forever Farah - World Prematurity Day

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today, on World Prematurity Day, I wanted to share some pictures from a recent event I attended. I love attending events where I can honor my angel,  Farah MacKenzie Desilva, born on April 3, 2011. I am sharing these pictures because I want all of my Angel Mommies out there to know how healthy it is to do things to remember your child. It's important to find you a support system and honestly that support may change over the years but know you will always need support in this area. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to remember a child. Your angel baby is important, their memories are important, and your thoughts about your child are just as important. Keep smiling Angel Mommies, you are stronger than you realize.

I love going places where I can make something for Farah. It really means the world to me. All of the parents here made small flags to hang around the room to honor their children. 

Here I am, holding a portrait of Farah's hand prints and footprints from the day she was born.

This lady here, Susan Rizzato was sent by God in 2011. When I had Farah, I did not know where to turn for comfort, other than God I felt so alone, like nobody could really understand. I had a folder from the hospital where I had her and I saw that there was a support group held every month for parents who experienced the loss of a baby. This support group helped me so much and Susan has been running the group for years. Here, she holds up a picture of her son Anthony who passed away years ago. For so long, I did not even know that Susan was an Angel Mommy; no wonder she could be so compassionate and kind to us Angel Mommies. I am forever grateful to have connected with Susan. 

I love this picture. It's me holding what I have left of my daughter. I cherish her prints, I really do. 

This annual memorial service is always so beautiful. I get to cry, laugh, and just enjoy time with people like me. Some people experienced loss 10 years ago, but set this time aside to honor their babies. It's such a beautiful thing to share the love.

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