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Fearless In Fashion February!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let's talk being fearless in fashion! 

 To be fearless in fashion is to simply do something with your style that you normally wouldn't do. One of my goals is to constantly challenge myself with my fashion. As much as I enjoy my signature style, I enjoy stepping out of the box and being fearless. I love it so much that I encourage my friends, family and even my clients to find moments to be fearless in fashion. 

 This beautiful Eshakti dress has me feeling super fearless! I am typically a bit more modest in my dressing but when I received this dress from Eshakti I decided to be totally fearless.

Every time I get dressed I want my personality that God has blessed me with to shine through. Although this dress was my typical silhouette the cleavage was a bit more spice. It was my take on being fearless for this #SundaysWithTot. 

I encourage you to discover what being fearless in fashion is for you and I challenge you to be fearless and just rock it!! 

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